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Castells reach an all-time high with their new song 'Low'

Updated: Jun 9, 2022

Castells’ new song ‘ Low ‘ from their brand new EP titled the same is a track to reckon with. The UK based four-piece band is known for their powerful and euphoric choruses accompanied by sophisticated and powerful instrumentation arrangements.

Source: Instagram

The song kicks off with a minimal yet energetic guitar arrangement by Robert Castelino. The guitars are followed by a sophisticated drum performance by Marc Smith which acts as a heartbeat for the track. Conor’s vocal performance really brings the track to life and drives the point home. The euphoric chorus in particular has an amazing sonic palette sounding rich and full, there is an undeniable cohesive and complementing flow between the vocals and the instruments felt there.

I've been losing sleep, when you're not here with me. It's making me feel low.

Source: Instagram

The three-track EP has seen a very refined and straightforward approach in terms of instrumentation arrangement and songwriting as opposed to Viola, the band’s previous EP. The other two tracks from the EP, ‘Do It All Again‘ and ‘Little Heart’ share a similar sonic soundscape and packs a bigger punch in terms of sheer energy and excitement. All in all ‘ Low ‘ is one of those EPs where the audience can point out and definitively say that the band has truly experimented and found their sound with this one.

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