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The time has come for Lunar Isles' latest EP to Bloom!

Updated: Jun 9, 2022

The South Korea based multi-instrumentalist Lunar Isles has created a musical euphoria with his latest EP ‘ Visitor ‘. The five-track EP opens with the song ‘ Bloom ‘ which couldn’t have been named or placed any better than it is in the EP. Bloom opens up this blissful and dreamy sonic world that Lunar has created and invites the listener to experience what this world has to offer.

Source: Google Images

The song kicks off with a beautiful guitar arrangement that’s instantly recognisable and synonymous with the world the artist has created, the lush guitar arrangement sets the medium for all emotions to be conveyed through this journey. The drum arrangement is quite straightforward and lays a solid foundation for the song, without which this sonic world tends to fall apart. To top it all off, Lunar’s vocal performance is filled with emotion and conviction that drives the point home. The melodic structure of the vocals is quite simple therefore making it hard to forget which is one of the little devious ways Lunar intends to keep us in his world for as long as possible.

No more flowers bloom at once

Source: Instagram ( lunarisles_ )

Needless to say that the South Korea based multi-instrumentalist can now be dubbed the ‘ Creator of Sonic Worlds ‘ and is on a lifelong quest to create many worlds just like the one he’s created with ‘ Visitor’.

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