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AJ Smith funks up the idea of fame in his newest single "Famous"

Updated on 22nd June 2022

Nashville-based artist AJ Smith has an air of grooviness about him that one simply cannot ignore. "Famous" is one such song that will get your feet a-tapping before you can even realize it. His single "Billy Joel" became famous in no time and he was even called to open with the same for a future show of Billy Joel himself. Smith has been awarded prestigious opportunities such as the "Abe Olmann Scholarship" from the "Songwriter's Hall Of Fame" and has also made his national TV debut on The Kelly Clarkson Show.

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"Famous" sets the ball rolling with some peppy percussion and funky synths to accompany it. AJ Smith has the power to influence crowds by making them groove to his catchy tunes and energetic vocals. This song is about the possibility of becoming famous and how he as an artist would react to this possibility. One can sense the humble tone in this song, and how Smith redefines what being a celebrity should feel like. He wishes for good vibes and high tides instead of stressing about constantly maintaining the spotlight all the time and having to prove himself to everyone all the time.

"If I ever get famous, I just wanna be the greatest, who cares about the spotlight, I'm all about the good vibes, wrote this in the basement"

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AJ Smith's confidence is admirable in this song and exudes positive vibes and confidence. Indeed, AJ Smith has already embarked on his journey to becoming famous, and this song will further accelerate his journey to fame. Through "Famous", Smith serves as an inspiration to youngsters who wish to earn their spot as a celebrity and still be humble even after rising to fame.

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