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Khamari drops truth bombs in his newest single "Jealous"

Updated on 21st June 2022

Upcoming R&B star Khamari is known for his ability to create catchy chill beats with profoundly vulnerable lyrics that cut deep in a subtle manner. His honesty and authenticity as an artist are shown through his newest single "Jealous". His inspirations include Frank Ocean, Stevie Wonder and Bill Withers. Khamari grew up in Boston, MA and can play instruments such as the French horn and violin. He left Berklee College in 2017 in order to pursue a full-time career as a musician.

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"Jealous" opens with some beautiful 7th and 6th chords on the guitar, which make the listener want to put their feet up and relax as they delve into the song. This song talks about the alienation and loneliness the artist goes through post-breakup. He is tired of indulging in monotony every day and is jealous of his friends who are constantly living their lives king-size with their partners. This is very similar to FOMO or fear of missing out, something which many have suffered during the pandemic, which is why this feels familiar.

"Found myself caught in a loop, writing the same tune for so long, shit got me out of the loop, and in my bedroom for too long"

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There is a certain tinge of sadness in Khamari's voice as he laments about his never-ending monotony in an ever-changing world. He even says that his mother always told him that nothing good ever happens overnight, but he cannot bring himself to accept such a thing when his life is a mess in his current state. What makes this song great is its hard-hitting truth that spares no one with its rawness. While the vocals and lyrics pierce with monotonous reality, the instrumentals in the song act as a cushion to support the sting and numb and the painful truth. Khamari has indeed been able to reach out to his audience effectively through "Jealous".

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