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The Sallyforths give listeners a new haven of comfort with its newest single "Welcome Back Now"

Updated on 23rd June 2022

The Sallyforths are an upcoming duo consisting of Tyler Fortier and Erin Flood Fortier. The power couple decided to explore the ever-evolving field of music with their latest release. The phrase "sally forth" means to leave a safe place confidently to carry out a difficult task. Here, this could imply that the duo is leaving their comfort zones to tread on a path of a budding music career.

Source: Instagram

"Welcome Back Now" opens with heavenly harmonies and upbeat guitar strumming that instantly tunes out the chaotic monochrome world outside and brings us to a vibrant forest-like haven of good vibes, motivation and tranquility. It encourages us to kick back and enjoy the fruits of our labour instead of constantly pushing ourselves beyond our limits all the time.

"We've been waiting such a long long time... So welcome back now, welcome back home"

Source: Instagram

"Welcome Back Now" makes the flowers seem a little more colourful, the sky a lot brighter, and the silver linings a lot more prominent. It is filled with positive energy that can stimulate the mind to feel extensively empowered to take on the challenges of this world and retire to this haven of a song at the end of the day. Indeed, it is a wonderful song to welcome us back home.

If you haven't listened to this song yet, check it out on our playlist a walk in the forest curated by LazyFrenzy.

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