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Flo Fin's "Bittersweet Love" sounds sweet like honey to the ears

Updated on 24th June 2022

Austrian singer and songwriter Flo Fin was already a rock star at 15 when he started composing original music and playing at his gigs. Flo Fin, currently 20 years old, rose to fame after the successful release of his singles "Misfits" and "Read My Lips" in 2021. In his newest single "Bittersweet Love", all Fin wants to do is comfort the person he likes and see them happy more than anything else.

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The song opens with some ambient guitar strumming and picturesque lyrics of someone waking up with tears in their eyes. The lyrics are very comforting to hear on a bad day when everything seems to be falling apart. What makes this a bittersweet love song is probably the fact that the person he has feelings for does not reciprocate the same for him. However, that doesn't stop Fin from loving them and making them feel special. This idea itself is beautiful, loving someone so much that even if they don't reciprocate love, one is still willing to be there for them. It is the little things that count.

"So you can colour the rainbows until I see them smiling, I hope you carry all those pieces of memories coz you're my bittersweet love"

Source: Google Images

Through this song, Flo Fin demonstrates his great command over music through proper enunciation in vocals and incorporation of dreamy synths and chill beats which make the song perfect for feel-good vibes. Flo Fin's one-sided love may be bittersweet, but his songs are saccharine. "Bittersweet Love" can be seen as a budding hit of 21st-century pop music.

If you haven't heard the song yet, check it out on our playlist one POPsicle please curated by LazyFrenzy.

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