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You'll surely be down for Suzanne Sheer's latest single "Down For You" this summer!

Updated on 23rd June 2022

Philadelphia-based R&B artist Suzanne Sheer takes inspiration from her past wounds and turns it into beautiful, sensual music that satisfies not just the body but the soul as well. "Down for you" is one of her songs from the album "The Blue Hour", where she expertly experiments with combining elements from genres like electronic music, R&B, Pop and Soul.

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The sultry basslines and surreal synths in "Down For You'' serve as a solid foundation for this delicious single. The percussion arrangement is groovy and dionysiac, and it effectively transports one into a world of fantasies one often represses into the unconscious. Her irresistible vocals are the icing on the cake as she makes one melt into ecstasy with her smoldering lyrics. Her voice is intimately deep, and it has a gravitational pull of such magnitude that it mimics the eternal power play between the Earth and the Moon.

"You must not know anything about me, but I get everything that I want because I fight for it until it's mine mine mine"

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Suzanne Sheer boldly expresses her sexuality and desires in this song which is what makes this song one of the best ones she has written so far. Her ability to create a completely new sound by mixing various elements of different genres is commendable, to put it simply. Indeed, we are "down for you" and your sheer amazing music, Suzanne Sheer!

If you haven't heard this song yet, check it out on our playlist just groove, don't dance curated by LazyFrenzy.

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