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Ali Angel's latest song "Beck And Call" answers to every indie rock lover's beck and call

Updated on 18th June 2022

Ali Angel is an LA-based musician whose songs always manage to turn a mundane day into a vibrant one. Her songwriting and production draw inspiration from 70's rock and today's indie music. This gave birth to "Beck and Call", one of the grooviest songs from her debut album titled, "Ali Angel".

Source: Spotify

The song kicks off with power-packed electric guitars which gets us into the groove. The drums are catchy and pump the right amount of energy, gearing us for an electrifying trip down a lane of new adventures. Her vocals are inviting and strong, gravitating us towards the song in a very abstract way. The vocal melodies are mesmerizing and they're sure to leave you humming even after the song ends.

"You just want attention, you just like to hear yourself and, I don't want to be at your Beck and Call"

Source: Spotify

We love how this song is all about Ali confidently asserting herself from a person who is always voicing their opinion without actually listening to hers. We love how she uses a simple phrase like "beck and call" in such an undoubtedly creative manner. Indeed, Ali Angel is truly an angel with her enthusiastic energy and promising music.

If you haven't listened to the song yet, check it out on our playlist indie rock and alternative music 2022 on Spotify curated by The Skadoosh.

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