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Levi Evans catches the spotlight with his groovy single ‘Catch Me'

Updated: Jun 9, 2022

Levi Evans fans are in for a treat with the artist’s jaw-dropping single ‘Catch Me'. Levi, the son of the legendary guitarist The Edge from U2 released his first single 'Back In My Head Again' way back in 2021 and has given us spine-tingling music consistently ever since.

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The song kicks off with a musically filtered and minimal guitar arrangement that’s distinctive to the song. The minimal yet solid guitar arrangement provides a solid foundation for the track and complements the vocals really well. Levi delivers a smooth and laid back vocal performance that just breathes life into the track and brings the entire arrangement together. The 21-year-old has a total of six songs in his arsenal all of which show his search for new sounds and evolution as a songwriter, producer and artist.

Catch me slipping on the five. Hold me like a holster sipping on the rye.

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Owing to musical influences such as Gorillaz and The Strokes, Levi’s music is a unique blend of various genres such and Alternative Rock, Hip-Hop and RnB. Levi never fails to impress time after time with his creative experiments and new sonic soundscape which he weaves out of thin air for each song. Needless to say that Levi Evans is a creative force to be reckoned with and a force that’s here to stay.

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