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MaVe pushes her artistry to the next level with her new song 'Retrograde Flow'

Updated: Jun 9, 2022

The Oslo based artist’s fans are definitely in for a treat with the artist’s newest release ' Retrograde Flow ‘. MaVe is known for her elegant productions ranging from ballads with quirky twists to heavy and complex compositions often based on stacked vocals and hard-hitting sound walls.

Source: Facebook

The song starts off with the most hauntingly beautiful harmony arrangement any intro could ever use. The intro is followed by a quick pause after which the artist begins to serenade the listener with a uniquely muffled guitar arrangement. The guitar arpeggios create a flow similar to that of waves, gentle and dynamic. The undeniable cherry on top of the cake is the artist's soulful vocal performance that makes the listener feel emotions they never knew they had. The melodies are so simple, attractive and catchy that the listener might even find themselves humming them in their sleep.

So, As raindrops fall, Let yourself go,In retrograde flow.

Source: Facebook

MaVemuisc goes out of their way with this song and provides the listener with two cherries on top of the cake, the second one being the most soothing harmony accompaniment to the lead vocals, which adds another dimension to the artist’s presence in the song. Needless to say, the Oslo based artist has created a song that’s true to its name, a song that’s here to stay, here to blissfully haunt and here to give hope. MaVe´s self-produced debut album “All the crap I shouldn’t say out loud and shitloads of ballads” is set for release in 2023.

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