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Motherwind's new power-packed single "Leesa" makes aesthetics and music mingle

Updated on 20th June 2022

Motherwind, a Wisconsin-based rock band, is our new addiction, with its psychedelic grunge pills of music. This band is all set to sail in the oceans of success, with its four members Anthony Frey, the man behind the zestful vocals in the band, Jackson Kleingartner, the man responsible for the resounding percussion, Nate Rogers with the ever-punchy lead guitar parts and Michael, the groovy bassist.

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"Leesa" reflects the feeling of frustration a person has when they are unable to communicate well with their lover and can sense the distance closing in on their relationship. The song opens up with a catchy guitar melody that instantly gets the groove in place. This is followed by a solid punch delivered by Anthony Frey's vocals. This is a comparatively softer rock song as compared to their usual heavier grungy music as they wanted to test their limits by trying something new.

"I think it's best we both stay lonely, you never ever call me when you're with your friends, even when they say I think I know you best"

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"Leesa" as a song keeps getting stronger and stronger as one listens through it as Motherwind saves the show-stopping guitar solos for the end that culminates the climactic essence of the song. This is similar to finding a pot of gold at the end of an iridescent rainbow. We believe that this song has a huge chance of blossoming into a highly acclaimed viral rock hit.

If you haven't heard this song yet, check it out on our playlist indie rock and alternative music 2022 curated by The Skadoosh.

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