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Nolan Trotter creates ear candy with his latest release ‘ Honey, Do! '

Updated: Jun 9, 2022

The eighteen-year-old artist is back in the spotlight with the experimental single ‘Honey! Do’ from his third Studio Album ‘Mindstream’. The eight-track album is as experimental as an album can be as it features various genres such as indie pop, dream pop and indie rock to name a few.

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The song starts off with a dreamy guitar arpeggio, which instantly sets the mood for what can be expected through the course of the song. The drum arrangement in the track is very tight and has a very pleasant drive to it, it gives a solid groove and foundation for the song. The eighteen-year-old artist’s voice provides a hauntingly beautiful cherry on top of the cake and brings the song to life.

Living off your honey, Do. What is new, my Honeydew

The sonic soundscape of the Album has a very lush and rich texture to it, which is a statement of the growth and sophistication Nolan has shown as a producer and songwriter over the years. Following the release of MIndstream, Nolan formed his band ‘ The Nolan Trotter Experience ‘ with whom he studies Jazz and Classical Music at the Chicago Academy for Arts. The band now performs live throughout Chicago.

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