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Summer of 2022 is about to get cooler with PRETTY YOUNG's new single "Summer Nights"

Updated on 19th June 2022

PRETTY YOUNG is a pseudonym for Swedish-based producer and songwriter William Ek. Exclusive mixes such as the famous TikTok remix of "Infinity" by Jaymes Young and "Echo" by Alexander Stewart are some of his acclaimed works. His latest collaboration with Juliander on "Summer Nights" is one of his best work yet. Juliander, too, is a Swedish-based songwriter, artist, and producer who has worked on famous tracks like "All Falls Down" by Alan Walker and Noah Cyrus. His ability to reach hearts with picturesque lyrics and heart-felt vocals is evident in "Summer Nights".

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This song kicks off with kaleidoscopic melodies that send the listener into a trance while relaxed disco elements unfold. PRETTY YOUNG draws immense inspiration from disco music, particularly its moving bass lines which are profoundly evident in this disco-pop hit as well. The vintage synths and groovy drums used in this song take the listener back to retro times with a hint of YOUNG's modern touch of trance-like melodies and Juliander's sultry yet strong vocals.

"And I've been waiting all night, for you, all these summer nights, you keep me goin' till the sunrise"

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A perfect song to add to summer playlists, "Summer Nights" will make summer nights more cherishable and hangouts with friends more memorable. It is truly an unmissable song that makes the listener feel a plethora of exciting emotions throughout the song.

If you haven't heard the song already, check it out in one of our playlists one POPsicle please curated by LazyFrenzy.

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