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Teeya Lamée makes her mark with her newest single "No matter where I touch"

Updated on 20th June 2022

German singer Teeya Lamée is breaking barriers in music by experimenting with Alternative RnB Neo-soul in her latest single. This song is about wanting to get out of one's body and feeling numb and weightless to such an extent that you won't be able to feel yourself or any sensations.

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The song opens with an otherworldly melody played on clean guitars and Teeya humming to it with a voice that instantly draws you closer to the song. Her voice has a certain sensation about it which makes one feel like they are ascending into a parallel world of weightless imaginings, similar to what dreams are made of. Additionally, while lifting us into this parallel world, Teeya's voice also manages to keep us grounded in reality with earthy textures in her lower register.

"But seems like we're doomed to stay, self-conscious all the way, oh what a mess"

Source: Google Images

This song has an unexplainable way of immersing the listener into an abundance of feelings never felt before which feel familiar at the same time, just neither labelled nor understood. The melody and lyrics are hypnotising in a way that makes one want to lie in the comfort of this song and not escape its duality of reality. Teeya Lamée has won over our hearts, it is your turn now.

If you haven't heard this song yet, check it out on our playlist just groove, don't dance curated by LazyFrenzy.

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