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The fire rises once again with Dantes’ INSATIABLE.

Updated: Jun 9, 2022

The Miami based artist has created fire once again with his banger of a track titled, ‘INSATIABLE’. Born in Broward County to exiled Cuban dissidents, Dantes aka Alec Arritola took up the clarinet at 10 and was a saxophone prodigy by 12.

Source: Spotify

The song starts off slow with a bold and expressive solo vocal performance accompanied by underlying indiscrete chatter that’s instantly recognisable and distinctive to the track. The drums then kick in with a mild yet solid groove almost similar to a heartbeat. The accompanying jazz chords and five-octave vocal arrangement is synonymous with Dantes himself. To add fuel to the musical fire, Dantes tops it all off with his trademark saxophone performance which just plays with the listener’s heartstrings.

Source: Dantes on Facebook

The song written by Alec Arritola himself and Ramon Ibanga has a simple yet musically sophisticated melodic structure to it, and to top it all off the song is produced by multi-Grammy award winner, !llmind, who has produced songs for artists including Beyonce, Drake, Eminem, Jay-Z & Kanye West. Finally, Dantes effortlessly provides an emotionally appealing and demanding vocal performance that just pulls the listener into his world of harmonic musical chaos. Needless to say, a world in which one would like to live as long as possible.

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