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Welshly Arms' new anthem is "Dangerous"-ly badass

Updated on 19th June 2022

A power-packed indie rock band is in town, and they mean business. Welshly Arms is an American band from Ohio and has been creating hits ever since its debut in 2013. The band consists of four members with Sam Getz on vocals, Jimmy Weaver with the smooth bass lines, Brett Lindeman on the keys, Michael Gould with the power-packed drums and splendid vocalists, Bri Bryant and Jon Bryant.

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Their latest song "Dangerous" from their album titled the same begins with a larger-than-life choir arrangement chanting "feeling dangerous". Immediately, one is mindblown by the suave vocals against the backdrop of the steady beats that imitate ramp walk footsteps. This song gives a "walking-on-the-street-in-my-best-fit" vibe with equally energizing music that compliments it beautifully. The harmonies are intricately well-arranged and it sounds as if it's sung by one voice instead of a plurality of voices. There is a perfect blend of different flavours of instruments which makes this song a hard one to skip.

"Open my eyes, swallow my pride, 'coz I don't wanna live in regret"

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What makes this song such a great anthem is the unconquerable spirit of the band that is not afraid of looking danger right in the eye. Welshly Arms' confidence and musical mastery are marvelous to watch as it unfolds through this song. Indeed, Welshly Arms is a 'dangerous' force to be reckoned with.

If you haven't listened to this song yet, check it out on our Spotify playlist indie rock and alternative music 2022 curated by The Skadoosh.

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