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With their latest release, Parekh and Singh have given us the perfect song for a rainy day.

Updated: Jun 9, 2022

The Kolkata based duo are back in the spotlight with their latest single ‘Sleepyhead‘. This time they’ve given us the ideal song for a rainy day to be enjoyed alongside a hot cup of coffee.

Courtesy: Vice

The song 'Sleepyhead' starts off with quite an interesting bassline which is instantly recognisable. The bassline is followed by a minimal yet engaging drum arrangement that provides a solid foundation for the song. The sounds used for the drum arrangement are quite tight and have a very nice ring to them. Parekh has created magic again with a smooth and soulful vocal performance which adds another dimension to the emotional aspect of the song. The minimal and underlying guitar arrangement creates an intricate flow within the song and compliments the vocals in a subtle yet crucial way.

Its cloudy in the morning, Atmospheric warning. I feel alive when I’m at rest

Courtesy: Instagram

Parekh creates a lasting impression once again with his signature blend of simple yet musically intricate melodies, the chorus in particular has a very infectious melodic structure that would leave the listener humming it even a week after listening to the song. It goes without saying that Parekh and Singh have given a beautiful song to listen to during those rainy days with a hot cup of coffee.

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