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YKARE drops fire outta nowhere with his latest release ' one n only '

Updated: Jun 9, 2022

YKARE is out with his brand new track ‘one n only’ and it’s got something for everyone to say the least. The song kicks off with a crisp yet lush toned guitar arrangement, the minimal guitar arrangement has a beautiful flow to it and accompanies the drums in a very syncopated manner.

Source: Instagram

The drums kick in with a distinct roll followed by the solid groove that lays the foundation for the entire track. But the undeniable highlight of the track is the overall sound design and synth production, YKARE just hits it out of the park in this aspect. The synth arrangement during the chorus is intricately beautiful complementing the vocals in a very sophisticated way. To top it all off, YKARE delivers an emotional vocal that's filled with energy, conviction and confidence that matches the energy of the synth and rhythm sections of the song.

You're my reason for believing, you're my one n only.

Source: Soundcloud

To say that YKARE has come a long way since his first release ‘ LOVEANDHATE ‘ way back in 2019 would be an understatement, he has pushed himself further as an artist and songwriter with every release and ‘ one n only ‘ is an undeniable statement of that growth.

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